African Ports Task Force (APTF)

Initiated by Tanger Med on July 2019, the African Ports Task Force “APTF” is a cooperation working group of African Ports that aims to create value added through knowledge and experience sharing.


  • Support African ports development though enhancing knowledge sharing
  • Contribute to the development of ports communication strategies, through guidance to implement international marketing best practices
  • Empower partnerships between the ports community in Africa and with international business network

Strategic Orientations

The APTF offers an opportunity to African Ports in implementing best practices, through comprehensive strategic orientations:

  • Contribute to the implementation of sustainable development policies
  • Connecting ports with International institutions
  • Promote African ports business activities and initiatives


  • Develop dedicated platform for knowledge sharing and capacity building
  • Facilitate networking among ports in Africa and promote joint initiatives at the continental and global levels;
  • Foster mentoring of ports managers through training sessions addressing major challenges
  • Access to international business community & global experts


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