Gulf of Guinea Commission (GGC)

The Gulf of Guinea Commission is an international body, was established by the Treaty signed in Libreville, Gabon, on 3 July 2001, comprising Angola, Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria and Sao Tome and Principe. The Commission shall constitute a framework of consultation among the countries of the Gulf of Guinea for cooperation and development, as […]

International Association for the Law of the Sea (AssIDMer)

The International Association for the Law of the Sea (AssIDMer) was established in 2001, with a view to promote research activities on issues relating to the law of the sea. It was created by academics, civil servants and legal practitioners. The idea of creating an association composed of legal experts and centred on the law […]

Confédération Africaine des Organisations de Pêche Artisanale (CAOPA)

The Confédération Africaine des Organisations de Pêche Artisanale (CAOPA), headquartered in Senegal, is a confederation of professional organizations (women and men) in the artisanal maritime and continental fisheries of Africa. Created in 2010 in Banjul following annual meetings since 2000, its officially recognized in 2013 by the Senegalese Government by Order No. 010046 of 01.07.2013 […]

African Shipping Lines Association (AAA)

African Shipping Lines Association (AAA) is a specialized body of the Maritime Organization of West and Central Africa (MOOWCA). She succeeded the Association of African Shipping Companies (ACNMA). AAA was set up in Abidjan following resolution 188/11/01; at the meeting of MOWCA Ministers held from 16 to 18 October 2001. The chairmanship of the association […]

Union of Port Administrations of Northern Africa (UAPNA)

The Union of Port Authorities of Northern Africa (UAPNA), is a grouping of exchanges and reflections on the port sector, of the region of North Africa. Its member countries: Mauritania, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Sudan and Morocco are represented by their port authorities. The UAPNA was established in 1974 in Alexandria, Egypt, following the Conference […]

Ports Environmental Network Africa (PENAf)

Ports Environmental Network Africa (PENAf) is a transnational-oriented organisation that seeks to improve environmental and sustainability performance in African Ports by creating collaborative and interactive partnerships to stimulate discussions, knowledge, information, experiences and best practice exchange aimed at finding pragmatic innovations and solutions towards the sustainable development of African ports. PENAf is interested in innovating […]

African Ports Task Force (APTF)

Initiated by Tanger Med on July 2019, the African Ports Task Force “APTF” is a cooperation working group of African Ports that aims to create value added through knowledge and experience sharing. Missions  Support African ports development though enhancing knowledge sharing Contribute to the development of ports communication strategies, through guidance to implement international marketing […]