Ismailia First Instance Economic Court Adjourns the Case of the Vessel EVER GIVEN to June 20th, 2021

On Saturday, Ismailia first instance economic court has issued its ruling concerning the lawsuit No.78 of 2021 filled by the Suez Canal Authority against the owners and charters of the vessel EVER GIVEN and a number of other parties as to be adjourned upon the request of the parties to seize the opportunity to negotiate and to declare the writs of intervention submitted by third parties and duties payment.

The ruling was based on the request submitted by the two parties to adjourn the case which allows examining some case related new fundamentals as the legal representative of the SCA has submitted a request to adjourn the case to examine the offer submitted by the vessel’s owners and charters as per some new fundamentals.

The ship-owning company legal representative has asserted that the dispute with the SCA is over the indemnity compensation, but not the principle of the negotiations which is the company is keen on. The defense attorney requested to adjourn the case to resume the course of the negotiations between the two parties and solve the dispute through an amicable channel.