In its attempt to reduce incidents and shipping delays caused by adverse weather conditions, Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) has appointed Shore Tension B.V. for the supply of 52 additional hydraulic tension mooring units for the South African ports. TNPA is already seeing the benefits of the installation of six units at the Ports of Ngqura and Cape Town. A hydraulic tension mooring unit is a system that is placed on the quayside to ensure the safety of vessels alongside and mitigate the severity of long-wave effects on vessels.

The units assist with stabilising vessels alongside during strong winds, adverse weather conditions, and high swells. The benefits also include minimized downtime and safety during operations. “The supply of additional units marks TNPA’s commitment to make key investments in port infrastructure. This is a timeous intervention to improve vessel turnaround time, which is already wellreceived by our customers at the ports of Cape Town and Ngqura,” said Takatso Maputle, TNPA Project Manager.

Currently, the ports authority has four (4) units at the Port of Cape Town and two (2) at the Port of Ngqura. The acquisition of an additional 52 Shore Tension units will be allocated to various ports that are currently facing excessive surge motions at an excess of 3 meters high. The allocation includes 16 units for the Port of Cape Town, 14 for the Port of Durban, eight (8) for the Port of Port Elizabeth, six (6) for the Port of Ngqura, four (4) for the Port of Saldanha and four (4) for the Port of Richards Bay.

Attesting to the positive impact of the line tensioner mooring units presently in use in Cape Town and Ngqura, Chief Executive Officer of the South African Association of Ship Owners and Agents (SAASOA), Peter Besnard said: “SAASOA is delighted to learn that TNPA has heeded to the call of the shipping industry to provide more hydraulic line tensioner mooring units. Thus far our members are complimentary of the results and benefits derived from the existing units and have been calling for more to be procured.

This is definitely a step in the right direction as these units certainly make a difference in reducing shipping delays and ensuring safe vessel working and operations at the ports.” Page 2 of 2 The first batch of four units is expected to arrive on South African shores in October 2023 and will be split evenly to the ports of Ngqura and Cape Town. The delivery of the rest of the units will be staggered until early 2025.

This initiative plays a significant role in the skills development of Transnet employees. Through the skills transfer by ShoreTension B.V., the units will be operated by TNPA Marine Shorehands whilst Transnet Engineering teams will carry out the maintenance of the same in South Africa.