The Port Autonome de Pointe-Noire received the SH VEGA, a luxury liner on cruise, on Wednesday 15 March 2023 in the morning. It was welcomed by the Port’s commander, Captain Alain KOUA NGOULOU in the presence of the Minister of Tourism and Leisure, Lydie PONGAULT, who was accompanied by the Director General of the PAPN, Séraphin BHALAT, as well as the civil and military authorities of the departments of Pointe-Noire and Kouilou

The arrival of this cruise ship SH-VEGA, inaugurates a new era in the history of tourism in the Republic of Congo and will certainly make this country, a destination more and more appreciated by the maritime tour operators and attract many visitors fond of tourist cruises. The docking of this 115 m long sea giant with 150 tourists on board was made possible thanks to the expertise of AKWABA TOURS AND TRAVEL, which chartered it in Pointe-Noire in the Republic of Congo. It has climbed into Pointe-Noire to allow adventure lovers to discover the many tourist sites in the Congolese economic capital and the department of Kouilou. The passengers will spend three days soaking up the rich Congolese cultural heritage.

Thus, in view of the impressive number of these cruise tourists on board the SH VEGA, the Minister of Tourism declared: “a category of visitors has been added to the statistics of tourists who stay in our country, I have mentioned the cruise passengers”. The presence of this cruise ship in call in the Port Autonome de Pointe-Noire, was an opportunity for the director general of the said port, Séraphin BHALAT, to describe the infrastructural development of his structure and the place it occupies and the role it plays as a transit and transhipment port in the Central African sub-region: He said: “The berthing of this ship is a sign not only of the quality of the infrastructure and services offered by the Pointe-Noire port platform, but also of the security and safety of Congolese waters”.

It should be noted that in the evening, this pleasure boat leaving for a visit to Konkouati in the department of Kouilou, welcomed the Congolese Prime Minister Anatole Colinet Makosso, on board to spend the night and exchange with the tourists.

By Antoine Dustell Mbama, Correspondent of Maritimafrica in Republic of Congo