A direct line between France and Madagascar with Windcoop cargo sailboats

Photo Windcoop

Windcoop, the first cooperative carbon-free shipping company, founded by Matthieu Brunet, President of Arcadie, Julien Noé, Founding President of Enercoop and Nils Joyeux, President of Zéphyr & Borée, will start operating container ships under sail between France and Madagascar in 2025.

The first Windcoop container ship, scheduled to start construction in 2023, will leave from Marseille, France, to serve mainly Madagascar and Mayotte. The 85m long vessel will be designed to carry around 100 containers for a maximum tonnage of 1400t, which will save up to 90% in fossil fuels on a transatlantic route. Also, the cargo ship is designed to accommodate 12 passengers living at the pace of the crew for an out of the ordinary experience on board one of the first cargo sailing ships in operation.

Photo Windcoop

Windcoop will be the only shipping company to offer a direct route between France and Madagascar, with an estimated transport time of 35 days at an average speed of 8 knots. This line will serve Toamasina, the main port of the island, but also secondary ports, neglected by the main shipping companies.

In the future, Windcoop plans to reinforce this line with a second vessel and to open other lines to South America and West Africa.