Get ready for the Maritime Week Africa 16-17 february 2021

Maritime Week Africa is the longest-running and most popular bunkering event in the African continent. It has built a strong reputation for attracting the highest-level government and industry speakers, bringing together the most important suppliers and buyers and highlighting the challenges and possibilities presented by the uniquely diverse African bunkering industry.

Maritime Week Africa delivers enlightened debate on the key issues and challenges facing the marine fuels sector and wider shipping industry in an African context.

Now in its twelfth year, having alternated in-person events between Accra in Ghana and Cape Town and Durban in South Africa, COVID-19 has opened the opportunity for Petrospot to present Maritime Week Africa 2021 online, thereby opening the event to hundreds more people who normally might not be able to travel to Africa but still have a strong interest in learning more about African bunker markets and those involved in them.

Maritime Week Africa 2021 will examine developments in West Africa, Southern Africa, East Africa, and Mauritius, and for the first time, Egypt, North Africa and the Atlantic Islands. It will also take a hard look at maritime security issues and safe passage in the Gulf of Guinea.

The audience will hear expert views and opinions from bunker suppliers and buyers, traders and brokers, fuel testing agencies, regulators, maritime lawyers, and shipping analysts, in a hard-hitting series of live interviews and discussions.


Maritime Week Africa 2021  offers exhibition stands where companies can display their products and services, via video presentations, one-to-one meetings, and poster displays.

Exhibitors can gather visitor data for later follow up and attendees can plan their visits and gather the information they require from each of the exhibitors.



All attendees will be able to book virtual meetings with each other, even with people they do not yet know, assisted by the Maritime Week Africa 2021 artificial intelligence tool that will use your personalised profile to recommend who you should meet.

Everyone will be able to manage their own agendas and will have access to a resource centre, including virtual ‘shops’ where they may order books, equipment and other items. But best of all, everyone attending will be able to see who else is online and connect with them directly.



A major benefit of Maritime Week Africa 2021 is that it is entirely free of charge to attend and open to everyone. You just have to register and complete your personalised profile so that you can connect with others and others can connect with you.

The biggest upside for sponsors and exhibitors is that visitor data is automatically captured for future follow-ups, providing a fast and efficient way to reach a large number of potential clients.



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