Maritimafrica Week Togo 2023: The blue economy at the service of Africa’s development

In recent years, the African continent has become aware of its great potential in the blue economy, and every effort is being made to take full advantage of this great potential and develop it in a sustainable way. Against this backdrop, Maritimafrica Week is set to be a major event, bringing together every year all those involved in the blue economy in Africa and their partners in other parts of the world, to discuss the major issues and challenges facing the sector.

Maritimafrica Week Togo – 2023, which will be held from 26 to 28 September 2023 at the Hôtel 2 Février in Lomé, Togo, promises to be an essential meeting place for all those interested in the sustainable development of the blue economy on the continent.

Maritimafrica Week Togo – 2023 will feature an exhibition, conferences and seminars (online and face-to-face), discovery tours of Togo’s maritime infrastructures and blue economy, and B-to-B meetings.

An event focused on Africa’s blue economy

The main theme of this first edition of Maritimafrica Week is “The blue economy at the service of Africa’s development“.

AFRICA is a continent rich in natural resources, bordered by vast stretches of sea, rivers and lakes, where over 90% of imports and exports transit by sea. With 38 of Africa’s 54 countries having coastlines, Africa’s geopolitical weight is reinforced by its strategic trade corridors.

According to African Union projections, the value of the blue economy will reach 405 billion dollars by 2030. The blue economy offers an unprecedented opportunity for structural transformation of the continent, sustainable economic growth and social development.

Economic activities based on marine and aquatic resources, such as fishing, aquaculture, tourism, transport, ports, mining and energy, play an essential role. However, the Blue Economy approach goes beyond these activities by emphasising the interconnections between the different sectors, integrating emerging and promising sectors, and paying particular attention to social considerations such as gender equality, food security, access to water, poverty reduction and the preservation of resources. The blue economy is a pillar for sustainable development in Africa.

A platform for exchanging and sharing ideas

The conference is intended to be a platform for exchanging and sharing innovative ideas and best practices, so that all stakeholders can play their part in promoting the Blue Economy in Africa. A number of panel discussions are planned for this purpose:

  • Strengthening Coastal Protection for a Sustainable Future
  • The port industry in Africa and the challenges of modernisation
  • Port and maritime safety and security at the heart of the development of the Blue Economy in Africa
  • Technological innovation at the service of the Blue Economy
  • Sustainable development of fisheries in Africa
  • Empowering women for a thriving Blue Economy in Africa
  • The Blue Economy for Africa’s Development: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Decarbonising the blue economy: sustainable solutions for a maritime future
  • Training and careers of the future in the Blue Economy

Depending on the participation package, these panels offer you the opportunity to present your offerings (services, products, training) and share your best practices with a targeted audience in Togo, Africa and the rest of the world. This will enable you to highlight your actions, promote your activities and services, while strengthening your credibility in the sector. You will also be able to discover the technological, legal and infrastructural advances that could improve your processes and make you more competitive on the African market.

Promoting the host country and gender in the blue economy

Maritimafrica Week Togo 2023 will showcase the host country’s commendable efforts in developing the blue economy. It will promote Togo’s legislation, statistics, various stakeholders and infrastructure, both before and after the event. In addition, the event is committed to promoting women working in the blue economy and serving as a platform for exchange and advocacy.

Networking opportunities and access to new business opportunities 

As an exhibitor, you will have access to a network of industry professionals, national and international institutions, NGOs working in the sustainable development of the blue economy, and many others. You’ll be able to showcase your products and services, give demonstrations, and attract the attention of key decision-makers in Africa’s blue economy.

Enhanced visibility for your brand

Maritimafrica Week Togo 2023 is a golden opportunity to boost your brand’s visibility. As an exhibitor, your brand will benefit from significant visibility among a targeted audience of major players in Africa’s blue economy. A special website will be dedicated to the event and will serve as a platform for reaching industry professionals around the world, including an online exhibition space, discovery programmes and online panel programming.

A special Maritimafrica Week – Togo 2023 magazine will also be published after the event and distributed free of charge.

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