On Friday 17 March 2023, the Italian Ambassador to Senegal, Giovanni Umberto De Vito, went on board the Italian Navy patrol boat “Comandante Foscari”, which is calling at the port of Dakar. Accompanied by the military attaché CV Campana, Ambassador De Vito met with representatives of the Senegalese Navy, the Head of the Employment Chain CV Karim Moulaye Mara and the Commander of the Dakar Naval Base CV Djibril Diawara. During the meeting, the Italian and Senegalese representatives exchanged on the good collaboration between the two national navies and explored new ways of working together to contribute to the maritime security of the countries of the region and those bordering the Gulf of Guinea.

According to the Italian diplomat “international maritime security can be pursued by increasing our joint collaborations, joint activities, operational training and different forms of cooperation. Together we can better pursue common objectives such as freedom of navigation, regular maritime trade flows and the fight against international trafficking networks”.

The ship “Comandante Foscari” has returned from a mission to prevent and combat piracy in the Gulf of Guinea, protecting maritime communication routes and strengthening cooperation with the navies of the bordering countries. The Italian Navy’s action in the region also contributes to the European Union’s “Coordinated Maritime Presences”, to which Italy provides capabilities along with those of other Member States (such as Spain, France, Portugal and Denmark).

During the Nave Foscari’s stopover in Dakar, exercises between Italian and Senegalese special forces divers are planned, to share skills and procedures, as well as a visit on board the patrol boat by Senegalese authorities and members of the diplomatic corps accredited to Senegal.

Source and photo: Embassy of Italy in Dakar