Photo : Tom Fisk


Major ports are subject to the ISPS code (International Ship and Port Facility Security) which requires 24/7 surveillance of port facilities. This code imposes the definition of Restricted Access Zones, around ship accesses, with reinforced surveillance measures.

Warehouses and storage areas in ports are vulnerable to theft. Security teams must therefore fight against intrusions and theft in port areas. They must also prevent the entry of prohibited goods.

This usually involves the implementation of a video surveillance system in the port area combined with routine rounds to ensure the removal of doubts. In addition, large ports often house sensitive infrastructures, which require drastic security rules to guarantee the safety of these infrastructures and ships.

Therefore, the port authorities now have a powerful and autonomous tool that can overcome the vulnerability of conventional devices and at the same time promote the strengthening of security. The drone system is fully automated. Thanks to its artificial intelligence, it can take off automatically, fly in a secure way (trajectory calculations), then land with precision on its base.

Therefore, the SECUPORT solution from AFRICADEX requires only a basic training of the security teams to the remote piloting. They can follow or control the missions of the drone, in a very simple way, directly from the VMS (Video Management System). The SECUPORT UAV Docking Station is operational 24/7. It recharges and protects the drone and resists the most severe climatic conditions (IP 56). The SECUPORT drone is thus ready to take off at any time.

Moreover, the station ensures a secure and latency-free communication between the SECUPORT drone and the VMS to guarantee the good execution of each mission. It is also equipped with predictive maintenance software to detect the slightest risk of failure.


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In addition, the SECUPORT autonomous UAV displays a level of reliability and safety close to aeronautical standards, thanks in particular to the double or triple redundancy of all vital equipment (engines, electronics, power sources, etc.). The SECUPORT drone is equipped with a visible HD camera with high zoom and a high precision thermal camera, mounted on a highly stabilized brushless gimbal.

These sensors, selected for their perfect adaptation to day and night security missions, allow the identification of a person at several hundred meters. Thus, autonomous drones improve the efficiency and responsiveness of security teams in seaports. They help secure access to terminals and monitor port facilities, day and night. The missions are numerous:

  • perimeter patrols in restricted areas in addition to human and dog patrols;
  • rapid confirmation of the threat in case of intrusion or accident;
  • follow-up of interventions;
  • routine inspection of equipment and infrastructure, etc.