The Multipurpose Industrial Terminal of San Pedro (TIPSP): Successfully received its first post-Panamax vessel dedicated to the export of nickel

The multipurpose Industrial Terminal of San Pedro (TIPSP) successfully received its first post-Panamax vessel for the export of 82,000 tons of nickel ore on January 17th. This operation, marked by the complete loading of the ship in just 2.5 days at a daily loading rate of 38,000 tons, demonstrates the operational capacity of the terminal.

The post-Panamax class vessel was chartered by the Bafing Mining Company (CMB) and Arrow Metals and Trading (AMT), major players in the Ivorian mining industry. The chartering was handled by the maritime company Marris, reinforcing strategic partnerships within the logistics chain.

The efficiency of this operation is a result of TIPSP’s ability to handle large vessels, showcasing its expertise in managing significant cargo. The port authorities of San Pedro also played a crucial role by providing necessary pilotage and towing services to facilitate timely docking and unloading, ensuring a quick turnaround of goods.

As part of its future development, TIPSP announces the planning of Phase 2 of its expansion. This new phase involves the construction of a second 250-meter quay with a draft of 14 meters to accommodate larger vessels. Simultaneously, new versatile warehouses will be built to meet the growing demand for storage of various goods such as lithium ore, fertilizers, and clinker.

TIPSP is thus consolidating its position as a major player in the West African port sector. This expansion will strengthen the operational capabilities of the terminal and contribute to boosting the local economy by offering competitive advantages such as reduced freight costs and optimized processing times.

This step underscores the crucial role of TIPSP in regional economic development and its commitment to supporting maritime trade growth by providing state-of-the-art facilities. The terminal will continue to play a vital role in regional connectivity and the promotion of international trade, positioning San Pedro as a strategic logistics hub in West Africa.

About Arise Ports & Logistics

TIPSP is a company of the Arise Ports & Logistics (APL) group – a pan-African industrial ecosystem developer that designs, creates, finances, and develops interconnected infrastructures, allowing its partners to benefit from superior logistics solutions. APL’s portfolio includes three terminals in Gabon and Ivory Coast – Owendo Mineral Port, New Owendo International Port, and TIPSP.