The opening of a maritime line between Tunisia and Libya initiated

Photo : Ministère des Transports

On Friday, December 16, 2022, the minutes relating to the opening of a maritime line between Tunisia and Libya was signed at the end of a working session supervised by the Tunisian Minister of Transport, Rabii Majidi in the presence of officials of maritime transport institutions and ports of both countries.

Speaking at the working session, the Tunisian Minister of Transport stressed the willingness of the ministry to remove all obstacles that will prevent the achievement of maritime connectivity between the two countries via one of the Tunisian ports, adding that the proposed Tunisian port should have adequate logistics and capacity in full compliance with the required standards to ensure the regularity of the link.

The Tunisian Minister of Transport also said that the maritime line will strengthen the link between Tunisia and Libya and diversify the means of transit of passengers and economic actors of the two countries, stressing the importance of the offer that this line will provide in terms of transport of people, tugs and goods.