Photo : Transnet Port

Transnet SOC Ltd (“Transnet”) is implementing measures to increase capacity allocation in rail and ports for emerging miners, as part of efforts to reduce barriers to entry, improve the ease of doing business and support transformation of the mining sector.

The initiatives by Transnet include improving access to infrastructure such as loading facilities, and simplifying the contracting, credit management and capacity application processes.

Today Transnet met with emerging miners and other key stakeholders in the sector, including the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy and finance institutions to present the initiative, which applies to customers in domestic and export coal, iron ore, manganese, magnetite, chrome and ferrochrome.

Over a phased period, Transnet will implement increased capacity allocation to these miners, with a 70/30 split between major and emerging miners expected from 2027. The implementation will differ corridor by corridor.

The minimum requirements for emerging miners to qualify for capacity allocation include the following:

  • A valid mining right issued by the DMRE, and validated mining activities.
  • Access to port capacity prior to applying for rail capacity.
  • Access to a siding to accommodate loading of a train.
  • Minimum credit and legal requirements that take into account the stage of the entity.

The measures Transnet is implementing align with the growth in demand for export capacity for mining products to meet global demand, and align with the growth in the number of emerging miners in recent history.

Source : Transnet