The West Africa Policy Head of the United Kingdom’s (UK) Ministry of Defence, Her Excellency (HE) Alice Hadden has held strategic talks on riverine operations and maritime security with the Chief of the Naval Staff (CNS), Rear Admiral Issah Adam Yakubu on Wednesday 17 April 2024, at the Naval Headquarters.

HE Alice Hadden and the CNS deliberated on key issues pertaining to riverine operations, Maritime security and joint initiatives to counter threats and challenges in the riverine environment.

Rear Admiral Yakubu underscored the strategic significance of riverine operations in the context of maritime security and national stability, emphasizing the need for collaborative engagements and partnerships to effectively address emerging threats and criminal activities in riverine areas. He stated that, a lot has been done with the formation of the Riverine Command and the commissioning of the River Class Boats to safeguard maritime interest in most especially, the country’s border points.

He welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with the British West Africa Head of Policy and explore shared strategies and actionable measures to address common challenges and reinforce maritime security in the region.

HE Alice Hadden thanked the CNS for the warm reception and added that UK is delighted to working with the Ghana Navy.

The CNS and the British West Africa Head of Policy both expressed mutual commitment and determination to advance collaboration efforts that would bolster regional maritime security and resilience in riverine areas.

Members of the British West Africa Head of Policy’s delegation included the Deputy Head, British Defence Staff, West Africa, Colonel Martin Leach, UK Defence Advisor, Mr. Richard Walter and other Embassy Staff. They both exchanged plaques with the CNS decorating each member of the delegation with a hand-woven Ghana Navy stole.

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