Photo by : Bolloré Ports

Bolloré Ports, an operator of port concessions, is implementing biodiversity conservation programmes. It is leading initiatives aimed at ensuring the sustainability of the areas in which it conducts its business.

On 6 March 2021, Congo Terminal, the operator of the Port de Pointe-Noire container terminal, launched a series of awareness-raising days for families on biodiversity conservation. In partnership with Ecocentre Renatura, an NGO, Congo Terminal is raising the awareness of hundreds of families in Pointe-Noire of issues relating to sea turtles, the damage done by poaching, and the implications of water for the planet.

Meridian Port Services (MPS) in Ghana has since 2018 been leading a programme on the conservation of sea turtles. The programme consists in transferring turtle eggs under threat in their natural environment to a closed ecosystem that reproduces their environment in an atmosphere conducive to hatching. The initiative fully complies with the International Finance Corporation’s performance standard for the conservation of
biodiversity and the sustainable management of living natural resources.

In Timor-Leste, where Bolloré Ports will start up activity at the Tibar Bay deep-water port in 2022, environmental studies initiated with the contribution of the World Bank have served to determine the offsetting measures to be introduced to reconstitute a mangrove area while increasing its surface area and protecting marine fauna by setting up a hatchery to protect turtles.

In addition, Moroni Terminal in the Comoros will this year be committing to the government programme on the protection of sea turtles. “Bolloré Ports places great importance on the environmental and social sustainability of its business activities.

This is why all our port terminals implement an environmental policy aimed at protecting the ecosystems of our business sites. With the input of NGOs and environmental experts, our teams identify and manage the environmental and social risks stemming from our business. To that end, we roll out innovative methods to ensure the protection of flora and fauna,” said Olivier De Noray, Managing Director of Bolloré Ports concessions.

The terminals operated by Bolloré Ports are also committed to the process of ISO 14001:2015 environmental certification.

About Bolloré Ports
Bolloré Ports is a global player in port activity operating 21 concessions worldwide, 16 of which in Africa. The leading port infrastructure operator in Africa, Bolloré Ports continues to expand and invest in Africa, as well as in Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. The company’s expertise is focused in three key fields: the management of port concessions, stevedoring and shipping agency services.