SCZONE announced the success of 1st green bunkering operation in East Port Said port

The General Authority for the Suez Canal economic Zone announced the success of the first green bunkering operation with “methanol” in East Port Said port for a container ship, yesterday evening. The supply service took nearly 6 hours. This operation is the first of its kind in Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East, as part of Egypt’s strategy to restore its role in ships’ bunkering services, whether with fossil or green fuel and then enhance the benefit from the prime location of its seaports on the Red sea and Mediterranean sea.

In an official announcement issued this morning, SCZONE confirmed the implementation of the green bunkering service for the Maersk container ship, which was received two days ago at East Port Said Port. It is the first container ship in the world that operates with green fuel, as it was supplied from the barge Lara S affiliated to the global service provider “OCI global”, which works in the field of green bunkering and is considered the largest producer of the Methanol fuel, as the container ship was supplied with 500 tons of green methanol at the Suez Canal Container Terminal, the main operator of SCZONE’s East Port Said port in Egypt.

In the same context, SCZONE plans to transform its ports into a regional hub for bunkering services with fossil or green fuels, in addition to its endeavor to localize the green fuel industry and the feeding and complementary industries to achieve an added value through its unique geographical location.