Signature of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Republic of Senegal SWAIMS – Operational Response and Management of the Rule of Law at Sea

Press Release – The implementation of one of the components of the SWAIMS program, entitled “Operational Response and Rule of Law Management at Sea”, has been entrusted to Camões I.P. within the framework of a cooperation delegated by the European Union. Its main objective is to strengthen the operational response of law enforcement and the management of the rule of law at sea, in the 12 coastal countries of ECOWAS.

This component co-financed by the European Union (10 million euros) and the Portuguese cooperation (2 million euros) is planned for a period of 45 months from 4 September 2020. It aims primarily to address the need for the navies and coastguards of ECOWAS coastal countries to meet the conditions necessary for the deployment of law enforcement forces capable of intervening at sea, in a timely manner and to respond effectively to incidents of maritime crime and illegality.

In this regard, Senegal will receive two semi-rigid boats as well as forensic equipment. Senegalese administrations will receive training for shore-based teams ready to intervene at sea, with the capacity to conduct inspections and collect evidence in an efficient and safe manner.

The Memorandum of Understanding signed today between the President of Camões, I.P., Ambassador João Ribeiro DE ALMEIDA, and Rear Admiral Oumar WADE, Chief of Staff of the French Navy, establishes the responsibilities of the partners in the delivery and use of these nautical means and other equipment, as well as in the support to the training of the personnel.