Maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea: Experts, senior public officials and military officers meet in Las Palmas

Photo : Casa África


From Thursday 17 to Friday 18 November 2022, a seminar was held in Casa África, Las Palmas, to analyze maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea. The participants, from the Gulf Coast States (Cape Verde, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria and Togo), EU Member States (Germany, Denmark, France, Portugal), the United States and other countries, in addition to various multilateral organizations, discussed the major security challenges facing the region, as well as the instruments available to address them.

The seminar entitled “Consolidating Maritime Security in the Gulf of Guinea: Present and Future of an Alliance for Stability and Prosperity” was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation and the Ministry of Defence of Spain.

Note that this seminar is part of efforts to strengthen cooperation with sub-Saharan African countries in the areas of peace and security. This is one of the four strategic objectives of the 3rd Africa Plan.