Prime Minister reiterates determination to fight drug trafficking and ensuring maritime security

The Prime Minister, Mr Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, reaffirmed his relentless determination to fight drug trafficking while highlighting that the record seizure of drugs since 2015 amounts to some Rs 4.3 billion at land and Rs 1.6 billion at sea. 

He was speaking, today, at the inauguration of the New Poudre d’Or National Coast Guard (NCG) Post in presence of Commissioner of Police, Mr Anil Kumar Dip; and the Commandant of NCG, Captain Vipin Gupta. The Minister of Arts and Cultural Heritage, Mr Avinash Teeluck, the Parliamentary Private Secretary, Dr Anjiv Ramdhany and other personalities were also on attendance at the ceremony.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic impacting on the country’s economy, Government, he stressed, is geared towards promoting infrastructural development in all sectors to enhance the quality of life of the population. Maritime security, he stated, has become a priority with Government’s vision to tap the potential of the blue economy owing to the country’s vast Exclusive Economic Zone. Consequently, he added, the NCG is called upon to play an important role in ensuring maritime security.

Speaking about further strengthening the capacity of the NCG, Prime Minister Jugnauth reiterated Government’s commitment to providing technological tools to law enforcement officers to enable them meet emerging challenges, namely through the procurement of a Passenger Dornier in April 2022; the NCG’s engagement with regional partners such as India, Madagascar and Seychelles to coordinate maritime activities in the region; and the replacement of coastal radars. A new Maritime Intelligence Cell with a dedicated Hot Line 177 for the public to share information about illegal activities has also been set up, he added.

Regarding the new NCG post, Mr Jugnauth indicated that it will provide officers with a conducive environment which will enable better service delivery adding that the previous NCG post was a wooden building dating back to 1989.

He further elaborated on some projects that confirm Government’s engagement to offer better facilities for Police Officers to perform their duties more efficiently. They comprise: the Safe City project to combat crime more effectively; reinforcement of personnel with some 2 794 recruits since 2015; inauguration of the Headquarters of the Metropolitan Division North; and the renovation of the Police Stations of Saint Pierre, Camp Diable, Pamplemousses and Piton. Construction of Police Stations in Vallée des Prêtres and l’Escalier is also in the pipeline. The modernisation of infrastructures in Rodrigues, Agalega, Saint Brandon was also highlighted by the Prime Minister.

Other Governmental projects in line to improving the lives of the population include: the Metro Express Project to revolutionise the transport system and the setting up of urban terminals in various regions; the construction of hospitals; the setting up of sports infrastructures; and the implementation of drainage projects.